Time period: 1986-1998


In 1987, one of the ancient theatre’s constructions, facing the south and built on its stage, was expropriated. In 1992, the first total expropriation and demolition of nine real estate buildings was held.

The Episcopal Palace and the municipality’s city clock were also demolished, as they coexisted on the epitheatre’s part. The excavation process exposed the northwestern part of the hollow (west side of A. Papanastasiou Street) and some specific parts from the twelve upper rows of the main hollow, up to the upper grandstand’s theatre level.

These findings, ascertained, the fact that the epitheatre was not maintained at all. At the same time, the part of Papanastasiou Street, which stretched along that location, was also abolished. Seats made of marble that were used in its infrastructure were discovered and transferred in appropriate places. Additionally, the demolished constructions’ foundations made of reinforced concrete were taken away from the monument’s site.